Your Strava feed just got a photo makeover!

Strava, the social network for athletes, just introduced their new Gym and Studio Sync so that athletes can share all their workout information in one place, discover new workouts and get credit and social motivation for everything they do. At Expresso, we are huge Strava fans so we are thrilled to be one of the five launch partners for this new integration.

Early last year we integrated with Strava so that you could to automatically post your workouts. Nearly 100,000 workouts later we’ve taken our wo-mance (workout romance) to the next level.

Now your Expresso workouts post to Strava with photos! So go ahead and show off your roller-coaster ride on Thunderball, your ferocious effort on Savage Revenge and your calorie crush on Ironhorse Rush to all your Strava friends in style!

If you have already connected your account to Strava then you are all set. To connect now follow these simple steps:

1) Log into
2) Select your name from the menu and go to your Apps
3) Connect your Strava account and go ride! It’s that simple!

2 thoughts on “Your Strava feed just got a photo makeover!

  1. Time and distance is all that is sent to my Strava Premium page. All the pictures are is advertising for Expresso. Expresso riders would much rather have more data like a heart rate, power and average grade.

    1. Hi Gary. I agree with you. We are working on adding this. Part of the problem is that our roads are partially real and partially fantasy, so mapping the GPS info is a bit tricky. This is where Strava gets grade, etc. Please bear with us. We all want the better metrics.

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