Expresso 2.0

The biggest Expresso update ever! What it means for your bottom line!


Engaged members are your most valuable members. They stay longer and recruit their friends. The question is how can we engage more members with Expresso. The answer is Expresso 2.0!

Expresso 2.0 boosts engagement in four steps.

  1. Get more members on the bike.
  2. Make sure the first experience is a great one.
  3. Take classic cardio workouts and make them fun.
  4. Take the pain out of registration so members can fully engage.

Let’s take a closer look at each step.

Get more members on the bike

New Attract Video

We have officially dropped the 90’s arcade game loop. The new attract video is short, punchy and exciting. Guaranteed to turn heads and make your members want to “Get on and ride!”


Make sure the first experience is a great one

Members love the Expresso Bike is because it is engaging, fun and interactive, but learning to steer and shift can be challenging. How do we make sure the first time rider knows what to do? We teach them!


New riders can now take a guided tour. LEARN teaches pedaling, steering and shifting.


A short series of TIPS steps new riders through the controls on screen.

Teaching the basics in a fun interactive way makes onboarding easy. Now your members will love Expresso from the start.


Take classic cardio workouts and make them fun

Your new home screen now has familiar workout options with a twist.




Set your own resistance and pedal. TRAIN is great for warming up and cooling down. A slideshow plays during your ride and showcases the best of Expresso.


Expresso games make workouts fly by. PLAY provides easy access to 9 different gaming worlds.


Choose from over 40 different roads with RIDE. Before Expresso 2.0 members would ride each road to completion. RIDE now supports time, distance and calorie GOALS.

Classic workout options layered on top of Expresso makes workouts fun and gets members engaged.


Take the pain out of registration so members can fully engage

Members who register are fully engaged! They save their workouts, race their ghosts and participate in challenges. Registration used to be hard. Not any more.

Text to Register

Riders can now enter their phone number after a ride. Expresso sends them a text with a link so they can register right from their phone. Instant gratification. No PC required.


The Bottom Line

We have been keeping track. We know that an engaged member will ride Expresso 13 months longer than other members. Members pay dues as long as they continue to work out on your equipment. Engage just 10 more members with Expresso and that’s an extra 130 months of retention. If your dues are $30/month, that’s $3,900 in extra revenue. Take a second to plug in your own numbers:

Newly Engaged Exercisers * Monthly Dues * 13 Months = Added Value of Expresso 2.0

How to maximize the impact of Expresso 2.0!

  • Your Expresso Bikes will feel brand new after the update. Showcase them like a new machine.
  • Challenge your members to ride in the Tour d’Expresso or Tiki Titan in July.
  • Contact us to set up a custom challenge for your team.

All Expresso HD bikes with eLive will get the Expresso 2.0 update on June 30th. If you own an older bike please contact us.  We would love to help you upgrade.

11 thoughts on “Expresso 2.0

  1. I absolutely agree. I don’t recall every hearing another rider asking for a new “attract” screen but we’re sure getting tired of the same old rides and the absence of a more engaging simulation. The simplified signup is a great idea

  2. I was totally siked!! for the high-end graphic rides that were shown in the expresso 2.0 showcase video, the ones that looked real. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they were real, but it just seemed like good graphics on new terrain, I was hoping for a few of those courses, but I guess I was totally wrong! Sucks – they would have been cool!

    1. Hi Curtis! The footage in the video was actual footage. I was trying to give you a feel for war you can accomplish when you train on the Expresso Bike. That said, stay tuned for future updates that are in line with what you thought was coming here. 🙂

    1. Hey Ernesto. You just need to leave your bike for a few hours. As long as it is connected to the internet with eLive you will get the update automatically.

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