Expresso now reports your rides to Strava automatically!

If you are one of the millions of Strava athletes out there and you cross train on the Expresso Bike then get excited! The Expresso Bike can now report your workouts directly to your Strava account automatically!

What is Strava?

Strava lets you track your outdoor rides and runs via your iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device and helps you analyze and quantify your performance. Learn more at

I love Strava. How do I connect my account?

  1. Log into
  2. Select your name from the menu and go to your Apps
  3. Connect your Strava account and go ride! It’s that simple!

24 thoughts on “Expresso now reports your rides to Strava automatically!

  1. This is promising, because I’ve been hoping for MapMyRide integration since I started riding Expresso bikes 3 years ago. When Under Armour bought both MapMyRide and then MyFitnessPal, I had hoped I could somehow get my Expresso rides to funnel through MyFitnessPal and into MapMyRide, but that didn’t work.

  2. So I did two expresso rides today then linked the expressoaccount to strava successfully about an hour after I completed the expresso ride. The ride isn’t showing up in strava. I can’t find a button in expresso to send the data over to strava. I verified in strava that it is linked to expresso. What do I do to transfer the ride to strava?

    1. Hi Hal. All of your rides that you do after connecting your account will post to Strava automatically moving forward. You can enter rides that occurred prior to linking your account manually through Strava.

      1. Hi Ross! Do you mind giving more specifics on how to link your account manually? I have mine manually connected to Expresso via Strava but I can’t find a way to import old workouts, save the workout file on Expresso, or do anything that seems like it would help. Thank yoU!

      2. Hi Genna. Your Expresso rides will post to Strava as if you entered the workout manually. Once you link your accounts all future workouts will post automatically. To add past workouts you can enter them manually through Strava. We are working with Strava to bring more detailed workout information to their platform. Ride on!

  3. It is working for me but doesn’t include the “ascent” value from the rides. I know you can look up the peak height on but that wouldn’t include the ascents from going into a valley and rising again. Also I can’t seem to even enter that value into Strava after the fact. I wonder if is it because it came from Expresso itself.

    1. Strava has strict rules on what you can and can’t send to them. We’re working with them to get more information over to them.

      1. Thank you for the response. One of my friends uses “Swift” in his home. Is there any plans to create rides based on real terrain and courses in the future. They even have a map of the ride as if you were actually there. Thx

  4. Has there been any update to being able to send additional data over to Strava? It would be great if you could send heart rate, watts, etc. as well. I’m a premium Strava member, so it would be great to have this feature, thanks!

  5. I often do more than one lap on an Expresso bike trail. As of now Expresso sends the information to Strava once every lap. For example, I rode City Express trail yesterday, completing 4 laps. Strava collected the information once for each lap. How can that be combined to see 18 miles on one post instead of 4 different 4/5 mile posts?

    1. Hi Michael. Good comment. We hope to have a more sophisticated integration with Strava in the next few months. Thanks!

  6. Does Expresso report calorie, cadence, pulse, or other info that allows for tracking the difficulty of the workout? Aside from Strava, is there a platform that allows for automatic reporting of workout data to Apple’s Health app on the iPhone? The info that Strava transmits to the Health app seems too limited.

  7. I echo Michael’s comments. If I do 5 or more rides (yesterday I did 7 including training time) my friends/followers have to wade through the redundancy of repeat rides, some of them warmups where they see moving time, distance and pace. I love having the info for my records but don’t want to take up my friends dashboards with it. Like others have said, distance, time and pace are great but it would probably get more interest if my followers saw the average watts, elevation gain and calories that I burn in a hard 20 mile day. The Expresso rides are great and I’d love to share with people but can’t until the data are more manageable…

    FYI I keep marking the Expresso rides on Strava private but they keep posting to Strava anyway.
    Thanks for a great product and hope you can modify the interaction with Strava a bit.

    1. Hi there. After connecting your account all rides moving forward will be posted to Strava automatically. Past rides can be posted to Strava through the Strava manual activity.

  8. Hi Amy. Did your ride post to Expresso but not to Strava or did it not post at all? If it did not post at all this could be because the bike was offline or because you did not sign in. If it posted to Expresso but not Strava then please provide your rider ID and we can look into it.

    1. Hi Amy, Strava recently updated a few things. Can you please try disconnecting your account and then reconnecting it? This should make it so next time you ride it gets posted automatically.

  9. I am in a similar boat! I checked my connection with Strava and Expresso pre-ride today, all looked good, however, when I opened up Strava this evening after my workout, no Ride was visible. However, when I opened MyExpresso, I could see the data. Is there a way to download to my computer the data file? Even if it doesn’t go directly through to Strava, it is the data actually that I need the most (power readout throughout ride, and heartrate file).

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