Expresso Riders can now report workouts to ActivTrax automatically!

If you are one of the thousands of Expresso riders who work out at a facility that uses ActivTrax to build your personal workout and nutrition plan then get excited! The Expresso Bike can now report your workouts directly to your ActivTrax account automatically!

What is ActivTrax?

ActivTrax provides you with powerful adaptive technology to help you succeed on your health and fitness quest. By bringing all your needs into one application we are more effective in delivering results. Eliminate boredom from your workouts, enhance your personal training experience, and become more conscience of what you eat and how you feel. Learn more at

This is awesome. How do I connect my account?

  1. First you need an ActivTrax account. Talk to a trainer at your facility to get started.
  2. Once in the ActivTrax website Select My ActivTrax > My Devices > Interactive Fitness > Enter your Expresso Rider ID and Password to connect.
  3. Go ride! It’s that simple!

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