How to push yourself to ride more advanced tours on Expresso.


We asked our Team Captains how to progress from basic to extreme workouts on the Expresso Bike. Here are some select tips.

1. Lilly Naqvi, Anytime Fitness – Quincy, “I would recommend choosing one day of the week, maybe a Saturday, when you know you’ll have energy and time to do more than the regular beginner rides. Treat it like a “race day.” You can motivate and build up your stamina all week and be fueled and ready to go the day of!”

2. Matt Brighton, Big Vanilla Athletic Club, “It’s practice and dedication. “Crawl before you walk” so to speak. I used to be terrified of Thunderball, but as I rode some of the other courses and worked my way up to it – it’s now one of my favorites. I know it sounds like a cliche, but tell them to keep at it and it’ll get easier.”

3. Tim Brown, YMCA – South Hampton Roads – Great Bridge/Hickory Family, “Push through good pain. Pushing your boundaries is never easy or fun. There’s a reason we like to stay in our comfort zone. However, push hard enough and long enough and you’ll find that your comfort zone will shift to encompass longer and longer rides. Don’t worry about time or pushing hard…that will come. Just aim to finish the race…and then do it again…and again….”

4. Bonnie Wilson, West Coast Fitness, “The truth here, is they still scare me. But I learned quickly, take the pacer down a few pegs to a level that I could keep up with and then just go and focus on making each mile stronger.”

5. McKenzie Blair, YMCA – Attleboro – Downtown, “Great music on the MP3 player. Dedicate a swath of time to a long ride, and all its accoutrements (warm-up, cool-down, stretch). Wear pants or long shorts to prevent chafing. Wear sweatbands or bring a towel, one or two bottles of water, and possibly a snack. 10 minutes no resistance peddling on an Easy ride for a warm-up and cool down.Watch the resistance and your pulse and breathing. Modify the pacer to be close to your speed. Stand to peddle to get up tough hills faster. Depending on your goal for the day, aim for speed or strength (power). Stretch your whole body before and/or after for at least 20 seconds per pose. Get curious and learn about all the different stats that the bike shows. Consider training for an actual race. Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment about your ride!”

6. Sabra Robitaille, Gold’s Gym – Roanoke, “Friendly competition has worked at my gym. We challenge each other to see who can beat their ghost first. Adding a mile each ride helps to start slow.”

7. Dave Bartiromo, YMCA – Wadsworth, “Once you start, don’t stop. Commit to finishing.”

8. Greg Campbell, YMCA – Greater Richmond – Chickahominy Family, “Gradual progression!! Try to challenge yourself at least once a week to try a new course. And of course ride at your pace!!”

9. Cindy Schnee, YMCA – Calgary – Eau Claire, “Participate in the challenges; then you have to do some of the routes you might not otherwise do.”

10. Barbara Sine, Gold’s Gym – Bridgewater,  “We have leaderboard that is very visible and gets updated daily. Competition is definitely a great motivator.”

11. Chad Katter, Equinox Sports Club New York, “I think some new riders have a tendency to ride as hard as possible every time they are on the bike. To build endurance, newer rides should lower their perceived effort level as they extend their riding durations and distances.”

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3 thoughts on “How to push yourself to ride more advanced tours on Expresso.

  1. These are great thoughts! I also bought myself a pretty good gel bike seat that seems to relieve about 30-40% of the discomfort from longer rides. Paid about $9 on Amazon! Also, as an ex-sprinter, I realize that I have to pace myself differently for longer rides just like in running longer distances when I was back in college. Can’t obsess trying to make the Leaderboard riding the “Gutbuster” tour!! I’ll save that for the “Campus Tour!”

  2. I like to turn off the ghost and just stay with the Pacer until I’m comfortable with the course. Then, I’ll turn my Ghost on, stay with him, and take him in the end. When you get on the ‘Challenging’ and ‘Extreme’ rides, don’t worry about the pacer, just be comfortable –feel the uphill burn and it will all come together for you.

  3. Riding the advanced rides really isn’t that hard. Yes – after 30 seconds my legs feel tired, 2minutes into riding I feel like quitting but I continue. After 5 to 10 minutes I get into my stride and find I can keep going without too major an effort. Listening to high energy music really helps. It lets me focus on the beat and ignore my discomfort. My biggest issue is on long rides. My butt gets sore from the hard seat. Not getting credit for the tour until I complete it keeps me pedaling as I want the credit. Monthly challenges are great as they encourage me to earn my badge. I’ve ridden a total of 10587 miles, burned 406294 calories, and lost 35 lbs. since I purchased my bike in 2006.

    Elliott Brender, MD

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