NEW Team Captain Certification

The Expresso Head Coach is looking for leaders and inspiriters to take on the responsibility and role of Expresso Team Captain. A Team Captain will need to inspire and recruit their team to compete in the Top 100 monthly challenges. Certified Team Captains will be recognized with a Team Captain jersey next to their name on the leaderboards and will be invited to the official Team Captains group where they can collaborate and provide feedback directly to Interactive Fitness to help shape future challenges and features. Details on Team Captain certification are as follows:

Team Captain Certification

To become certified you must earn your Century trophy by riding 100 miles and attend a team cardio training webinar. Webinars are typically held on the first Monday of each month in the morning and in the afternoon. View the training video below:

Team Captain Certification

At the end of the training you will receive a link to an online form. Fill out the form by pledging to three tactics that will best inspire and recruit your team.

Team Captain Certification

Upon completion of your pledge, the Team Cardio Head Coach will review your form and provide your certification. Certified Expresso Team Captains will be provided special tools each month to help motivate and recruit their teams.

Upon certification, Expresso Team Captains will be recognized with the Team Captain jersey next to their name, unlock the ability to purchase the official Team Captains t-shirt, and receive an email invitation to join the official Expresso Team Captains group.

Become at Team Captain at the following link:


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