The “Team Cardio” Trifecta

The Anytime Fitness Top 100 “Team Cardio” program is only a few months old, but already we’ve seen a number of incredible success stories. Jason Baker from Anytime Salisbury Downs was the world’s top individual rider last November and lost a 69 pounds with the Expresso bikes at his gym. Anytime Madison, WI became the world’s top virtual cycling team when members and staff banded together to ride a jaw-dropping 9,122 miles and burn 187,333 Calories on just two bikes this past December, staving off late surges from teams as far away as France.

What is so exciting about Team Cardio? Unlike group classes or member to member challenges, Team Cardio brings your club together by setting a common goal that everyone can work towards as a team. Regardless of fitness level, if you can pedal the Expresso bike, you can help. Mike Tortorice, Anytime Madison Area coach, summed it up best. When asked if he felt that Team Cardio had helped strengthen the bonds at his club he replied, “Absolutely… It’s hard to describe but it’s like we’re a family now.”

Recently we were able to visit the Anytime Madison Team to see how they were enjoying their new Interactive bike. While there, we were lucky enough to chat with a couple of members who helped ride the team to victory, as well as the Owner, Andy Gundlach, and his all-star staff. Each had a unique perspective on Interactive exercise and what it means to be part of the team.

Anytime Members Karen and Deb talk about what it is like to ride for Anytime Madison.

Frayah, Mike and Brad talk about the Team Cardio experience as a staff member.

Owner, Andy Gundlach, describes what attracted him to Interactive exercise and Team Cardio experience.

If you’re satisfied with run of the mill cardio equipment then read no further, but if you’re a club owner like Andy or a staff member like Frayah, Mike or Brad, and you think Team Cardio is right for your club, then click here to join the fun.


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